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Career Employment Australia (CEA) was born from the Community Youth Support Scheme (CYSS) in 1980 when it provided training and support services for young people including many Indigenous Australian and South Sea Islanders in the south Brisbane suburbs.

Training focused on assisting young people stay safe, link with work related training e.g. office, welding, literacy and English language skills.

Staff provided outreach to Musgrave Park, and innovate programs such as radio production, pizza and bread baking workshops and sales ‘lunch box’ – sandwiches and salads taken to local offices providing fresh lunches for local workers, “Sailing into Work” – participants built 4 Sabo yachts and learn to sale these on Coochiemudlo Island, “Women in Welding” – a project designed to interest women in non-traditional skill areas where they designed and welded an art work which was placed in the foyer of a government building, “Crystal Gutters” – a play written, produced and performed by the young participants and was performed at Brisbane’s Performing Arts Centre and conventional training.

The Government replaced CYSS with Skillshare in 1989 and combined Woolloongabba and Balmoral CYSS centres.

Skillshare provided more structured, formal outcome focused training in office, computer, welding, and aged care with emphasis on core skills e.g. problem solving, positive communication, presentation, interview skills, job search and personal support when required.

Due to another government decision in 1997, Skillshare was abandoned and the Job Network came into being as did Career Employment Australia (CEA) in its own right.