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Bird Competition at Caboolture

In class we were learning about the Australian birds and had to complete a fact sheet. In the fact sheet we had to choose an Australian bird to draw (for drawing competition) and write about the bird we had chosen.

I chose the Peregrine Falcon because I already have some knowledge about this bird. The Peregrine Falcon is one of my favourite birds. There were prizes for everyone for having the nicest drawing or putting the most effort in research etc. so there was a prize for everyone. While I was filling in the fact sheet and researching, I learnt some interesting facts about the Peregrine Falcon that I didn’t know.

Not only is the Peregrine Falcon the fastest animal in the world, but its fastest speed record is 390 km/h.

In the drawing competition I came 2nd place and won an American Indian style picture.

By Kurt