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  • Start Date:1/5/2017
  • Price Not Cost to Eligible Students

SIR30212 Certificate III in Retail Operations

Nick Lanbert

SIR07 – Retail Services Training Package               

SIR30212 Certificate III in Retail Operations


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in retail operations.

Work would be undertaken in various retail store settings, such as specialty stores, supermarkets, department stores

and retail fast food outlets.


Job roles

Individuals with this qualification are able to perform roles, such as:

  • provide in-depth product and service advice in a retail environment
  • sell products and services in a variety of retail settings
  • service the point-of-sale area
  • organise and maintain work areas and displays
  • carry out specific responsibilities, such as merchandising.


Possible job titles

  • sales assistant
  • senior sales assistant
  • customer service assistant
  • point-of-sale operator

Pathways Information

This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway and is also appropriate for VET in Schools (VETiS) delivery.


Pathways from the qualification

After achieving SIR30212 Certificate III in Retail Operations, individuals may undertake:

  • SIR30312 Certificate III in Retail Supervision
  • SIR30412 Certificate III in Business-to-Business Sales
  • SIR40212 Certificate IV in Retail Management
  • SIR50112 Diploma of Retail Management
  • SIR50212 Diploma of Visual Merchandising.

Entry Requirements

To undertake this qualification, individuals will have previous retail experience in roles, such as:

  • applying point-of-sale handling procedures
  • interacting with customers
  • operating retail technology
  • performing stock control procedures
  • applying safe work practices
  • communicating in the workplace
  • minimising theft.


Examples of evidence of retail experience may include:

  • job descriptions and references from current or past employers
  • an entry interview to determine retail operational experience.

Packaging Rules

14 units must be completed:

  • 6 core units
  • 8 elective units:
  • a minimum of 5 units must be selected from the elective unit list below
  • a maximum of 3 units may be selected from any relevant Training Package or accredited course first packaged at AQF level 2, 3 or 4.


The choice of elective units must be guided by the core function or role of the current or intended work environment, local industry requirements, and the characteristics of the AQF level of this qualification.


Units chosen from other Training Packages must not duplicate units selected from or available in SIR07 V3 Retail Services Training Package.


Core units

SIRXCOM101      Communicate in the workplace to support team and customer outcomes

SIRXIND101        Work effectively in a customer service environment

SIRXSLS201        Sell products and services

SIRXSLS303        Build relationships with customers

SIRXWHS101      Apply safe work practices

SIRXWHS302      Maintain store safety

Elective units


SIRXADM002A   Coordinate retail office

Cleaning and Maintenance

SIRXCLM101       Organise and maintain work areas

Client and Customer Service

SIRXCCS201        Apply point-of-sale handling procedures

SIRXCCS202        Interact with customers

SIRXCCS203        Promote loyalty programs

SIRXCCS304        Coordinate interaction with customers


SIRXCOM202      Communicate with customers using technologies

Computer Operations and ICT Management

SIRXICT001A      Operate retail technology

SIRXICT303         Operate retail information technology systems


SIRXFIN003A      Produce financial reports

SIRXFIN201         Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal

Food Safety

SIRRFSA302        Monitor food safety program


SIRXINV001A      Perform stock control procedures

SIRXINV002A      Maintain and order stock

Management and Leadership

SIRXMGT001A    Coordinate work teams

SIRXMGT002A    Maintain employee relations

Marketing and Public Relations

SIRXMPR001A    Profile a retail market


SIRXMER202       Plan, create and maintain displays

SIRXMER303       Coordinate merchandise presentation

SIRXMER304       Present products

Product Knowledge

SIRRRPK006A     Recommend liquor products

SIRRRPK007A     Recommend and fit clothing or footwear products and services

SIRRRPK008A     Recommend jewellery products and services

SIRRRPK009A     Recommend toddler and baby products

SIRRRPK010A     Recommend home and home improvement products and services

SIRRRPK011A     Recommend books or newsagency services

SIRRRPK012A     Recommend business and leisure products and services

SIRRRPK013A     Hire and sell video and DVD products and services

SIRRRPK214        Recommend specialised products and services

SIRXRPK001A     Recommend health and nutritional products and services

SIRXRPK002A     Recommend hair, beauty and cosmetic products and services

Quality and Innovation

SIRXQUA001A    Develop innovative ideas at work

Retail Food

SITHFAB009A     Provide responsible service of alcohol

Retail Post

SIRRPOS004A     Handle customer interviews and applications

Risk Management and Security

SIRXRSK201        Minimise loss


SIRWSLS301       Build sales relationships

SIRWSLS302       Process product and service data

SIRWSLS303       Analyse and achieve sales targets

SIRWSLS304       Build sales of branded products

SIRXSLS002A      Advise on products and services

SIRXSLS304        Coordinate sales performance

There is No training cost to eligible participants
Students are required to wear suitable attire (workplace) in class by week 3.
Classes are from 9am to 2:30pm, 4 days per week.  The average course duration will be advised at your information interview or group information session. CEA will assess the needs of each student and if required extend the classroom component.

To achieve this qualification, the candidate must have attended the minimum set class hours (80%) and work experience as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of the units of competency.

A work experience placement may not be offered if:

  • Less than 80% of class days are not attended, including all required LLN sessions.
  • A satisfactory result in classroom and simulation components of all required units has not been achieved.

Other course requirements
Students are required to obtain and wear the uniform clothing advised. The training site is a work place and the rules on clothing, conduct, respect for yourself and others must be followed. These are listed in the student manual you will receive on enrolment.

This programme is an “In Class” programme under the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) funding.  Students are able to complete units and can achieve the qualification if they successfully achieve competency in the units. They may also be supported for an extended period appropriate for their acquisition of the required skills as some learners simply require additional classroom support and this is a benefit of being part of the SEE programme.

Recognition of Prior Learning
RPL is available to all students but is not funded under SEE which is a group classroom programme. If students wish, they may apply for RPL on a fee for service basis.

* Many organisations by their own policies will exclude students from work experience and job applicants from employment should they have any conviction. Queensland Police Criminal history check will disclose convictions even if they are over 10 years old.

Nationally Accredited Training by Career Employment Australia RTO Number 0104