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Rose Munez—SEE student (Rockhampton)

Fitzroy SEE Newsletter

Rose’s Story — SEE student (Rockhampton)

When I first attended the SEE program at CEA, I was very shy; I can remember being very nervous that first day. I could not have written this personal story because my grammar was really poor, but now I’ve reached Level 3 in writing and so you’re lucky you get to read about my experiences at CEA.


Jasmine’a Story — SEE student (Rockhampton)




My name is Jasmine Acheson, but they call me Jazzy for short. I go to CEA Training Centre in Rockhampton. My experiences with CEA have been exceptionally great. My confidence and stability were my weaknesses, along with lack of skills in English and Maths. I had trouble communicating with others, especially when I needed help. Since I’ve been at CEA, I now have confidence in all those areas.


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