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Huge learning curve for Pialba (Hervey Bay) student—Karl King

Karl joined the SEE program in Pialba (Hervey Bay) 150 hours ago. He was long-term unemployed, and had been a single, stay-at-home dad for six years.
One of his aims was to learn how to use a computer. Until he came to our class the only thing he had done with a computer was play games.
He has now set up an email address and is using email for his correspondence at home. He has learned how to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint. He has learned how to upload photos from his phone, and how to search the internet.
Karl is a keen fisherman, and whenever he is fishing at the Pier, he is approached by tourists and amateur  fisherman asking for information or tips.
He, therefore, decided to make a brochure (as above) which he could hand out to answer people’s questions. He made this brochure using Microsoft Word, and apart from all the word processing skills, he also learned the importance of copyright and of crediting any information copied from the internet. (He took the picture on the cover himself, so that he is not breaking any  copyright laws, and even asked permission of all the people in the photo.)
Karl was so proud of his efforts that he showed his brochure to some shops and caravan parks in town, who all said they would like to put them on their counters for customers to take. Karl then approached the council, the local newspaper and the local tourism board to see if they would fund the printing of the brochures and, though he had no success with that, it was still a huge learning curve for him.
As a way of encouraging Karl, we decided to print some of the coloured brochures, so he could hand them out to local stores and caravan parks for them to display.
Karl is feeling much more confident and feels that his new skills will make him somewhat more relevant in today’s job  market.
Best of all, he still has 650 hours left to further improve his skills and give himself the best possible chance to gain employment.
By Sue Novak
Pialba (Hervey Bay) SEE Teacher