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Moorooka class Learn to Swim

One of Australia’s popular pastimes is swimming and most of us take it for granted that we can swim. We learn to swim at an early age and grow up along the ocean; we are no more than an hour’s drive to the coast.
I wanted to introduce the adult students from the Moorooka SEE program to swimming. Most of us think of swimming as a relaxing and enjoyable activity.
However, they saw it as a terrifying and challenging task. I called the Yeronga Swimming Pool and the Yeronga Memorial Park management offered free one hour group lessons to the students.
For most of the students, this would be the first time they would go swimming in a pool, so they were very  reluctant to try.

To help them overcome their fears, I decided to show them YouTube videos of adults learning to swim, and they immediately related to the images and began to talk about going to the swimming lesson as an exciting opportunity.
We have been for three lessons so far which the students have  thoroughly enjoyed. We are most grateful to the staff at the Yeronga Pool for providing these lessons.
Each week, I would put up a slide show of their swimming lessons, which encouraged other students who were reluctant to swim to take the step towards learning an important life skill.
The students’ confidence in and out the water has improved immensely so we will continue to learn and challenge ourselves.
One of the students commented that he thought he would definitely die, but after having the first two lessons, he now knows he will be able to use his swimming survival skills if needed.

By Leigh Els
~ Moorooka teacher