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Reconnect -NAYS is a community based early intervention and prevention program, funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS), that supports newly arrived (within the last 5 years) young people aged 12-21 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and their families.


NAYS – Aims and Objectives

Reconnect NAYS uses family-focused early intervention strategies to help young people to stabilise and improve their living situation, achieve family reconciliation and improve their level of engagement with work, education, training and community. This is achieved through interventions such as; one-on-one support, practical support, counselling, mediation and group work in culturally and contextually appropriate services.

The program provides counselling, group work, mediation and practical support to the whole family to help break the cycle of homelessness.

The earlier we intervene, the more likely we are to reduce homelessness and the social, emotional and health problems linked to it. Effective early intervention—which addresses risk factors and builds protective factors (such as community connections and healthy family relationships)—leads to long-term benefits for young people, families and communities (Sanson et al., 2002).

Reconnect -NAYS delivers services which covers the Southside of Brisbane to Ipswich corridor region. The program assists young people to make connections with support services and provides early intervention to young people who lack links to supportive networks and services.

Principles of practice

  • relationship oriented (rapport and trust)
  • client centred (choice and agency)
  • flexible
  • holistic
  • strengths based
  • solutions oriented


How we can help

Reconnect-NAYS caseworker’s can assist with a range of referrals and provide individual client support, including but not limited to:

  • Accessing accommodation, housing support and stability of accommodation
  • Linking with essential services – Centrelink, Community Housing Providers, Specialist Services and Employment Services
  • Family focused intervention
  • One-on-one therapeutic interventions
  • Practical support that improves social and emotional needs – such as money, food, accommodation and health care
  • Outreach
  • Group work – bring together young people for social and fun activities
  • Case Management
  • Collaboration with services in the government and the community sector

Contact Details

We can meet students in any safe place, at your school, or at our office located at St.David’s Church Hall, Chelmer

Address: Corner of Appel and Chelmer St East, Chelmer – short walk from Chelmer Railway Station

    Please call us if you have any questions.

    Christine: 0413 449 377