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Tasty Tuesdays at Northgate

At Northgate CEA program, we have started a cooking class. Every Tuesday, a student will bring ingredients and a recipe for cooking class. Our first cooking lesson was from teacher Mrs. Erika.
She taught us how to cook chicken Tom Ka Gai soup. It was delicious and we had so much fun.
After we ate, the students helped each other clean up then went back to class.
Students had a good observation of what teacher was cooking so they can try at home. Now we have cooked many foods such as   Bhutanese Dumplings, Sago & Banana, Korean Black Beans Noodles, Indomei and other traditional foods.
We have so much fun and gain lots of an experience in  cooking. The students have learned so much during cooking class. Students cook easy recipes so everyone can try at home.
Therefore this cooking class is good for teenagers and to some people who don’t know how to cook.
Personally I recommend this course for people who need more English. In this course you gain some experience in cooking, speaking and writing. The teacher is so helpful to the students in many ways, such as with forms, applications and especially resumes. Students are friendly and willing to learn new things every day.

By Sanda Sibia

~ Northgate student