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Training for NBN

The Powering the Gold Coast project with Career Employment Australia Ltd (CEA) and Milcom as the RTO to provide the NBN and their subcontractors with qualified staff to complete the NBN before the Commonwealth Games which are due to commence April 2018.

This project will provide industry specific training in Certificate III in Telecommunications and Technology to all participants.  This has been recognised by the NBN as the appropriate training for staff and subcontract staff.

The project will consist of 3 intakes with the 1st commencing in February, 2nd commencing June and the 3rd in August 2017 and will see 45 students participating and the courses will run for 18 weeks 4 days a week, this includes the Accredited Training as well as “Prepare to Succeed” holistic work preparation program and 120 hours of Work Experience.  The training will be conducted at GCSC office at 5 Byth Street Arundel and CEA SEE teachers will be on hand to assist with language and literacy issues.

The RTO for this project will be Milcom, a preferred trainer for NBN services and has a large base of employers who have agreed to take the participants for work experience with the option to employ if and when vacancies arise