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The Community Garden Project at 5 Byth St Arundel is part of the Australian Government Department of Employments’ Work for the Dole for job seekers.

This project commenced in July 2015 and will continue to accommodate jobseekers seeking to meet their obligations.

The project created small community garden area approx. 8m by 4m and consists of four raised garden beds of equal size. This area will be contained within the garden area from the existing fernery to the existing compost.

The existing fernery will be used for germinating seedlings and housing of the worm farm.

A community shared garden will;

  • provide a mix of vegetables and fruit for use by students, WFTD participants and the local community
  • plantings will be in line with the seasonal produce for the area
  • the overall design is to meet with organic, low-waste and onsite management by incorporating the localised composting and worm farm castings
  • low water consumption by use of mulching and composting
  • pest management; a variety of companion planting, along with the longer term implementation of overhead netting (to avoid the crows trashing the garden).