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CEA has conducted a number of craft projects.

Participants have developed valuable employability, communication and team participation skills while creating soft toys , wildlife sleeping bags / notebook covers / affirmation boxes and fairy slipper story scrolls which have been donated to the Lady Cilento breast care unit.

Fairy Slipper Story Scrolls are for the Children’s hospital. The slippers are made from the scraps left over from the books. Each pair comes with a story about the owner of the slippers, telling a little bit about them, where they live, what they like to eat and where they like to find their adventures. Each story finishes with the question “Can you guess what our next adventure will be?” This is to prompt the child into a conversation about the next adventure.

Iris Wildlife sleeping bags. WE contacted Iris about making bags for her. She was desperate for new ones. It had been 8 years since she last someone donate their time to make bags for her. The linings were threadbare and the babies were constantly getting caught between the bag and the lining. So we now make sleeping bags and feeding bags in a variety of sized for Iris and she filters them through to her other wildlife carer community. We generally use recycled clothing for these and lots are donated to us by other local charities. The participants enjoy designing the bags to make use of the features of the clothing, including a designer label or pocket in the new bag.